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MenHealing Financial Philosophy

MenHealing is committed to equity of financial accessibility for Weekends of Recovery (WOR). We believe that healing should not be impeded by economic limitations. We want everyone to be assured access regardless of financial resources.

Registration fees cover the actual costs for conducting a WOR and are not to generate a profit. The fees are inclusive of lodging (two nights), food (seven meals), and program services.

In congruence with our financial philosophy, we expect those who can afford to pay the entire actual price for a WOR to do so. Please take into consideration your travel costs when thinking about how much you can afford.

We welcome additional donations from any registrant who can afford to help us maintain our Financial Assistance Fund.

Room Occupancy Options and Pay What You Can Pricing

Following are the actual costs per occupancy for each WOR.  We ask you to thoughtfully consider your financial situation. Payment plans are available and will be included in your registration invoice.

We appreciate payment for the entire cost for Triple and Double Occupancy Rooms.  However, if you are unable to pay the entire cost, we allow you to submit payment for an amount that better reflects your budget.  We do require a minimum payment of 10% of the actual cost. 

This payment structure cannot be extended for single room occupancy unless it is warranted for medical reasons, in which case we do require that you contact us in advance of registering so that we can discuss.

Deluxe single occupancy rooms are available at some facilities for an extra charge - e.g., Alta offers 4 deluxe single rooms.

Actual cost for Triple Occupancy                                 =    $975
Actual cost for Double Occupancy
                              =    $1,175
Actual Cost for Single Occupancy
                                =    $1,375
Additional cost for Deluxe Single Occupancy
          =    + $225      =  $1,600

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