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My story is common among survivors, the pedophile who gained my trust only to betray it was a priest. He left me broken and for many years I operated far below my potential, sought comfort in alcohol, lost friends, 2 wives and more jobs than I can count.

Then came group and for years I shrugged off suggestions of a Weekend of Recovery. The idea of it just felt uncomfortable, then as time went on I didn't believe I needed anything beyond group.

Then the first amazing thing happened, I began to trust again and believed the advice my counselor was giving me.

The second amazing thing was my Weekend of Recovery with Jim and his team in Ohio. It went further, reaching those dark places that sitting in a chair just couldn't. Exercises I resisted at first ended up being just what I needed to shed a lot of the pain and remind myself of what I once was, of what we can all be again, loved.

Making new friends is always a bonus and I still communicate frequently with 2 of my Ohio friends, no, Ohio family. My group experience has also been enriched since WOR and I can actually see a time in the not too distant future when I don't need group to function anymore.

Anonymous, Hope Springs WOR Alumnus
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