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New Events Promotional Video, 20 Years of Healing Video, HOME Project

03/08/2022 10:28 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

To MenHealing Weekends of Recovery Alumni, Friends, and Supporters

We invite you to view our new PROMOTIONAL VIDEO FOR UPCOMING WEEKEND OF RECOVERY EVENTS. This brief video provides an engaging visual teaser about the in-person events we have scheduled during the first half of 2022. Thanks to Jordan Masciangelo (WOR Alumnus and MenHealing Creative Director) for his creative work on this production.

If you have not already done so: a reminder to access the more in-depth video (thirty minutes) about the Weekends of Recovery.

CELEBRATING TWENTY YEARS OF HEALING VIDEO features several WOR Alumni and Facilitators sharing their experiences about the profound healing impacts of the Weekends of Recovery. This video was released in October 2021 after the Twentieth Year Anniversary of the WOR program.

MenHealing continues to expand our services beyond the flagship Weekends of Recovery program. Check out the landing page for our ever-growing HOME PROJECT (HEALING OUTREACH FOR MEN EVERYWHERE).

Since September 2021, the HOME project has twice released information about the impact of sexual assault and resources for recovery to 45,000 incarcerated individuals in Ohio State Prisons. Information is uploaded and distributed via individual computer tablets. Learn more

A reminder that MenHealing is a grassroots organization. 85% of our financial support is received from individual donors and 15% from event registrations. We do not receive any funding from government or foundation grants. Our work is possible because of the generous donations from individuals like YOU!

 We especially want to thank the growing community of regular sustaining donors. We encourage YOU to become a monthly or quarterly recurring donor.  Recurring financial support is exceptionally valuable in 2022 as we implement our new “Pay What You Can Afford” event registration fee structure.

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