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Screening for attendance on a Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery is required and will be conducted after a potential participant registers. The purpose of the screening interview is to help determine if a potential participant is ready to safely and productively participate in the weekend. If we determine a participant is not yet ready, we will suggest other activities he could engage in to prepare himself for participation in a future weekend.

Safety on the Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery is a priority. As a facilitator team, we emphasize personal safety for everyone in attendance at a Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery. To accomplish this goal, at the beginning of each day or weekend we engage in a collaborative process between facilitators and participants to define the safety guidelines for the weekend. The facilitator team is committed to working with the participants to provide structure and support to help protect individual and group safety and to promote opportunities for growth.

Another way we work to ensure safety is by having enough facilitators at each weekend so that individual attention is available whenever it is needed, along with encouraging participants to risk asking for help from each other as each participant brings a wealth of experience and skills with them.

To protect and promote an environment of safety, we do not allow the use of alcohol or any recreational or non-prescribed drugs. Sexual contact between participants during the weekend is not permitted. If a participant fails to adhere to these norms, or there are any other violations of safety guidelines, then the Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery Manager will meet with the participant to determine whether he will be allowed further participation in the weekend.

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