All participants in a Weekend or Day of Recovery are required to adhere to the policies below. During your registration, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to these policies.  You will also be asked to sign an Informed Consent at least 30 days prior to the event.

Safety For Participants

For the facilitator team at MenHealing, safety is our number one priority. One way we work toward this is to have a 1:3.5 staff to participant ratio. The number of attendees is also limited (from 26 to 32 maximum per weekend) so that individual attention is available whenever it is needed, along with encouraging participants to risk asking for help from each other as each participant brings a wealth of experience and skills with them. Staff members are licensed mental health professionals, each with many years of individual and group clinical experience, including many with more than 25 years of providing psychotherapy with male survivors.

Screening for attendance on a Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery is required and will be conducted after a potential participant registers. The purpose of the screening interview is to help determine if a potential participant is ready to safely and productively participate in the weekend. If we determine a participant is not yet ready, we will suggest other activities he could engage in to prepare himself for participation in a future weekend.

Safety on the Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery is a priority. As a facilitator team, we emphasize personal safety for everyone in attendance at a Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery. To accomplish this goal, at the beginning of each day or weekend we engage in a collaborative process between facilitators and participants to define the safety guidelines for the weekend. The facilitator team is committed to working with the participants to provide structure and support to help protect individual and group safety and to promote opportunities for growth.

To protect and promote an environment of safety, we do not allow the use of alcohol or any recreational or non-prescribed drugs. Sexual contact between participants during the weekend is not permitted. If a participant fails to adhere to these norms, or there are any other violations of safety guidelines, then the Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery Manager will meet with the participant to determine whether he will be allowed further participation in the weekend.

Survivors with a History of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

drug abuse sexual abuseThe Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery policy also includes a requirement that all participants remain free of alcohol and other non-prescribed drugs or street drugs for the duration of the weekend. We require participants to be free of alcohol use 48 hours before the weekend and 72 hours free of the use of any non-prescribed drug or street drug.

We require all participants not to bring any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs to the weekend. For anyone who is considering attending a Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery but is still struggling with being able to meet these requirements, we recommend you choose to address these issues with a therapist prior to registering and attending a weekend or day.

Survivors with A History Of Sexual Offending

Any person who has been convicted of sexual perpetration and/or has been placed on a sexual offender registry as an adult is ineligible for participation in the regularly scheduled Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery. If this is true for you, review the last paragraph in this section to learn how you may be able to attend a specially designed weekend in the future.

therapy for men sexual traumaWe understand that some survivors have sexually acted out in childhood, adolescence, or even adulthood, and we do not wish to automatically exclude them from a Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery. Therefore, all applicants to the Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery must complete an interview prior to completion of their registration. During that interview, potential participants will be screened for any instances of sexual offending in their history. We have an expectation that all potential participants will be honest in their screening interview and will disclose any such history or incidents in their past because some participants may experience safety concerns with people with such histories. In instances of adjudication on sexual perpetration charges as a youth, individuals will be considered for eligibility and readiness for the Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery on a case-by-case basis through an interview with the Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery Manager. In instances in which someone has been previously convicted of sexual offending as an adult and their legal charges have been expunged, they will also be interviewed for appropriateness to participate in a Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery.

The Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery Facilitator team believes that ALL survivors have a right and an ability to heal. To facilitate that goal, we will maintain a waiting list for men who are deemed inappropriate to attend one of our regularly scheduled weekends because they have been convicted of sexual perpetration and/or have been placed on a sexual offender registry as an adult or as a youth. When we have gathered a sufficient number of names and the ability to facilitate such a weekend, it is our intention to offer a special weekend for these men to assist them to further their healing as survivors. To be placed on this waiting list, contact Jim Struve, Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery Manager and include a brief description of why you are requesting to be placed on this waiting list.

Policy Regarding Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex Participants

transgender sexual abuseMenHealing Weekend of Recovery is committed to healing the sexual victimization of boys and men. We also recognize that gender exists on a continuum and that many survivors of sexual assault may identify anywhere on the gender continuum, including identifying as transgender, non-binary, or intersex. We want to honor this diversity while also preserving the Weekends of Recovery and Days of Recovery as a space to heal in a community of men. It is our belief that the design of the WOR and DOR can best be utilized by any individual who is a self-identified male and who wants to heal in a male-identified space. Therefore, WOR and DOR healing retreats are inclusive of cisgender males; gay, bi, queer, and non-binary males; and our trans brothers living and identifying as male

For more information for transgender sexual violence survivors, click here to access resources provided by FORGE, an organization that provides peer support to people on the transgender spectrum.

“Male identified” does not require any medical transitions, such as hormones or surgery, only clarity of male identification at the time of attending a Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery.

A partner organization – Taking Back Ourselves – conducts Weekend retreats for female survivors of sexual trauma. TBO welcomes female transgender, non-binary, and intersex survivors to their 3-day healing retreats.

Smoking Policy

Participants may not smoke inside any buildings at WOR venues - including guest rooms - in compliance with rules at each facility we use for our weekend events. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.  Cigar and pipe smoking are also prohibited. Each site has arrangements for one or more designated smoking areas that will be indicated to you at the time of your registration and check-in.

WOR Arrival & Departure Policies

Arrival Policy

Safety for all participants is our utmost concern.  Therefore, it is a requirement that participants must arrive at the venue and be available to begin the Level One weekend by 12 noon on Friday and to begin the Advanced weekend by 9 a.m. on Friday.  In planning your trip, you are expected to take into consideration the unpredictable delays that may accompany your travel.  While we understand you may encounter delays for many reasons, we are unable to allow anyone to begin the weekend if your delay is greater than 1 hour.  In other words, you cannot expect to be admitted to the weekend for any reason after 1 pm for a Level One weekend or 10 am for an Advanced weekend.  If you are experiencing a delay, we request you call the WOR Manager to inform him of your arrival status.  It is important to understand that in the event of your inability to attend due to late arrival, you will forfeit all monies paid for your registration.  If you have received a scholarship and arrive too late, we will request you to refund the scholarship fund the amount of your scholarship.   One strategy to avoid this situation is to arrive in the city of the weekend the night before, or a city near the airport.  MenHealing will provide you with information about budget hotels near the facility to help facilitate your stay.  Your adherence to this policy will help strengthen the feeling of safety for all participants and help us to build a community. 

Departure Policy

Our departure policy is enforced to respect the safety concerns of all participants to have adequate time for closure. The weekend is structured so that all participants will have sufficient time on Sunday to plan for their transition back home, to reflect on what they have learned during the weekend, and to have an opportunity to say goodbye and express appreciation to the new community of men they have joined. To accomplish these goals, it is necessary that all participants stay until the weekend ends at 3 pm.   

Completing a Level One Weekend is also a requirement to attend any Advanced WOR. Any participant who leaves a weekend prior to 3 pm will be ineligible to attend an Advanced WOR until he completes a Level One weekend.

Any questions or concerns about the above policies may be directed to Jim Struve at jim@menhealing.org

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