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Weekend of Recovery Venues

General Information about Weekend of Recovery Venues

We select physical venues for the WORs that are easily accessible, that respect participant safety, that protect solitude and relaxation, and that have staff who are committed to the goals of our program.

Lodging: Most venues we use for WORs have options for a range of sleeping options that include single, double, and triple occupancy. This allows us to accommodate the personal and financial preferences of survivors who attend a WOR. Bedding, towels, shampoo, and shower gel are provided unless otherwise specified.

Dining: We are committed to healthy and nutritious food. Therefore, WORs are conducted at venues that provide meals of exceptional quality. The dining staff at each facility are prepared to accommodate the range of special dietary requests for individual participants. A water bottle, juices, coffee and tea, and nourishing snack food will be supplied throughout the weekend.

Smoking Policy:
Smoking is not allowed inside any of the venues that are used for WORs – including guest rooms. This includes the use of e-cigarettes. Cigar and pipe smoking are also prohibited. Designated areas are provided at each venue for participants who may smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Sobriety Policy: All WORs are designated as alcohol and drug free zones. Therefore, we require that no alcohol or non-prescribed drugs may be brought to the weekend.

Cell Phone and Internet Access: Most venues that we use for WORs have cell phone and wireless internet access. However, We do require that participants limit cell phone and internet usage to break times and not during any regularly scheduled activities. We encourage participants to consider using the weekend as an opportunity to detatch from media, internet, and cell phone communication.

Physical Accessibility: All venues we use for WORs have accommodations for a wide spectrum of physical handicaps.

We require all participants not to bring any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs to the weekend. For anyone who is considering attending a WOR but is still struggling with being able to meet these requirements, we recommend you choose to address these issues with a therapist prior to registering and attending a weekend.

Transportation Coordination

Participants must make their own travel arrangements to whichever major city is geographically closest to the Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery venue. Most venues we use are within 1 ½ hour or less of a major airport. Once you are accepted to an event you will receive a link to a transportation board at our website to allow participants to contact each other and facilitate offering and requesting carpooling to get to the final Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery venue destination.

For Venue Specific Information, please choose the location below

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