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Goals of level 1 weekend of recovery

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:    The Level 1 Weekend of Recovery offers a healing experience for adult male survivors of sexual victimization experienced during childhood and/or as an adult. The WOR is constructed with the multiple purposes of Skills-Building, Psychoeducation, and Community-Building.

Participation in this Level 1 WOR will provide you with an opportunity to acquire a range of CORE SKILLS. These skills promote healthy healing and are particularly beneficial for recovery from sexual victimization. These skills can be remembered within an “A-B-C” acronym:

            A =       awareness, acceptance, authenticity

            B =       breathing, body, boundaries

            C =       curiosity, compassion, connection, community

The OVERALL GOALS for a Level 1 WOR:

  1. To provide an opportunity to experience a safe environment in which participants can discover they are no longer alone in their recovery;
  2. To provide an opportunity to co-create and experience safety with other survivors as they explore further aspects of their healing journey;
  3. To provide an opportunity where survivors can share their inner pain, strength and hope with others who have been sexually assaulted;
  4. To provide an opportunity for survivors to give a voice to their experiences as a survivor;
  5. To provide a safe way for participants to share the story of their sexual trauma with others who will understand and offer support;
  6. To provide a safe place for participants to experiment with letting go, opening up and being vulnerable, and practice asking for the support they need;
  7. To provide an opportunity for participants to explore safe ways of expanding their comfort zones, to find ways to deal with obstacles that prevent them from moving beyond their trauma, and to experience a greater sense of freedom in their minds, bodies, and spirits; and
  8. To provide a safe place where participants can experience a sense of community, brotherhood, and joy.

For more information about Goals of Advanced Weekend of Recovery, click here.

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